Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camp Kaitawa 2017

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I am blogging this because... I really liked the camp went to.
Today I am going to tell you about what I did at camp Kaitawa, at camp we had a quizand my team came lastbut our team knew a question that no other team knew and the question was - what is the name of the person (not the baby, not Michael Noonan) the other person.  His name was Charlie McChin. when we saw Michell Noonan, we also saw the boot but not the bell.
(The stream is bigger in real life, not in the photo)

On Monday we went kayaking and my knee started bleeding, and I don't know how it happened.
We also had to run across the kayaks and jump into the water. One of our parents found a gold fish in the water.
At night we wen't hiking up the mountain to look at some glow worms

On Tuesday we went through the confidence course, at first we had to do it two at a time, then we had to hold a long rope and get through the course without letting go of the rope.

On Wednesday we did master chef and during the day we went to see Michael Noonan, after we went to see his grave we went to a stream, we had to jump over (we had a lot of fun jumping over the stream).  Before we went to the stream we went through a giant lake that had so much grass that it  grew in the water

On Thursday the parents gave us a challenge,  they had to give us a spoon with something good or something yuck on it and sometimes both. We also went caving.
I can't remember what we did but I know that I was the person to bring the cup (bringing the glass cup) Mya was the waitress and she brought the fake wine to Kelly for her birthday.  Nathan and Jayden were the statues for Kelly, also when we had dessert we had to not say a thing. Ruby's face went bright red because she was laughing so much, Cruze and I did not know why they were laughing. Georgia left the room and was eating her dessert in the bedroom.💗😄

Here is me mixing the mince together with my hands and using my absorption muscle on Wednesday during Master chef.
Our judges were Kelly whose birthday was on Friday and Bevan the judge meany.  In this one my team (pink) got the highest score 5 from Kelly and 5 from Bevan.

Here is me cooking a pancake for master chef and my team got the lowest score 2.5 from Kelly and a 2 from Bevan for our pancakes.

Here we are waiting in the dining room so we can go to the Mohaka bridge for lunch on our way back to school.