Monday, November 21, 2016

P.E Blog post

I am blogging this because I really want to get to Funday Monday...
What is Funday Monday you say? Well it is a thing which is when you get all the things on the tracking sheet green, You get to do things like go into the hall and watch a movie, stay inside and watch a movie or you might get to go on a treasure hunt around the school.

My P.E Blog.
ANYWAY... Hi I am Eva and I am really exited to be blogging this. Today I will be telling you about  what I do for p.e at my school.

Well at my school sometimes we have three groups of kids and since we have three teachers, we have three which are running with Mrs Love, Jumping with Mr Moriarty and Throwing with Mrs Carr or we might have a game(if we are good).

Here are the photos of me doing P.E skills:

here is me catching a ball

here is me running.

here is me jumping.

here is me throwing.


  1. Wow Eva I like how you explained our P.E.Cool idea to tell us the group's and who's taking them!Keep it up! :) <3

    1. Thank you much for that lovely comment Naomi

  2. that is amazing throwing,jumping,running,caching. can't wait to here more.

    1. You could hear more in my other free choice blog about what is going on at school for me. :)

  3. It sounds really fun I wish are class had fun-day Monday it sounds like it is a great day. I am sure you enjoyed it and learned some new P.E skills