Tuesday, August 9, 2016

holiday blog post - The BFG

The B.F.G

I am blogging this because I would like to shear with you 1 thing that I did in the holidays...

3 reasons why the giant has to hide you and tack you???

  1.  because then you will tell everyone to run and hide.(to take you)
  2. because the other bone crunching, flesh eating giant's that will gobble you whole. (to hide you)
  3. there are child gobbling giant out on The B.F.G's front lawn. (to hide you)

here some facts about the people that I know...
The B.F.G.
The B.F.G is a giant creature and he roams around the streets tacking kids that see him. The B.F.G's full name is The Big Friendly Giant and when the kids see the B.F.G he has to tack them because then they will tell everyone else to run and hide.

Sophie is the child that B.F.G kidnapped and even if she wen't and told people what to do nobody would listen. If people don't listen to her she would say that she would call the coppers (cops) and  when she gets kidnapped she was discovered by the man eating giant's so they fled out to find Sophie.

Queen Elizabeth.
Queen Elizabeth is the Queen in The B.F.G movie and when she drank the whizzpoper she did a really huge fart that nearly lifted the whole table up in the air.

In the holidays my mum took my sister, my friend Sharnika, my cousin Ashlee and me to the movies. We also wen't with another family and we wen't  to watch The B.F.G it was really awesome and scary(a little bit) at the end it was so awesome and funny.


  1. I love how detailed your story is!

  2. thank you and I think that you are really pretty.