Monday, March 21, 2016

blog post 3: My favourite game

My favourite game.
This is DanTDM which is the man with the goggles. The villager is Dr Trayaurus and he is supper exited to meet everyone that goes on his YouTube videos and he is saying ''hello'' to you and this cute little dog made of bones is Grim and he loves to go for walks and do experiments with them both.

Here are some more photos...

This is dan tdm when he was a baby.

This is Grim when he had skin and in his bed with his dog bowl.

This is Trayaurus when he was a baby.He dose look grown up but he is not he is just zoomed up on him.

Here they all are as a baby and still grim is a pile of bone's.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Camp 2016

My camp reflection

Camp Reflection Task

Choose at least 4 questions to answer.

What was your favorite part of camp and why?
My favorite part of camp would be the river walk because Amie and me got to share a tube and Brayden had his own little tube. We played a game as well and Amie and me were sisters and Brayden was our brother and James Taylor was our dad. Also my favorite part in the river was the rapids as well and floating in the river for two hours.

Explain your personal feelings about camp?
My feelings are happy, excited and sad. I was exited because we got to go on tube down the river to camp Omatua, I was happy that I had my best friends by my side and I was sad because I had to sleep with boys.

Explain your car ride?
My car ride was great and it was great because Mrs Carr took me and she gave us four lollies each and I shared with Mrs Carr.

Which activity did you like the most and why?
I liked duck duck goose and hide ‘n’ go seek. I liked duck duck goose because I had not played it in a long time and I liked it because my favorite teacher was their and her name was Mrs love. I liked hide 'n' go seek because we played it in the bamboo forest and it was crazy and fun.

a.k.a I wearing Mya Wandens shorts