Monday, November 21, 2016

P.E Blog post

I am blogging this because I really want to get to Funday Monday...
What is Funday Monday you say? Well it is a thing which is when you get all the things on the tracking sheet green, You get to do things like go into the hall and watch a movie, stay inside and watch a movie or you might get to go on a treasure hunt around the school.

My P.E Blog.
ANYWAY... Hi I am Eva and I am really exited to be blogging this. Today I will be telling you about  what I do for p.e at my school.

Well at my school sometimes we have three groups of kids and since we have three teachers, we have three which are running with Mrs Love, Jumping with Mr Moriarty and Throwing with Mrs Carr or we might have a game(if we are good).

Here are the photos of me doing P.E skills:

here is me catching a ball

here is me running.

here is me jumping.

here is me throwing.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Literacy blog post

This is my writing and I am proud of it because I spent lots of time on this.

WALT develop a story to entertain the reader- Eva
Text form: Narrative

Success Criteria
  • Use the Writing Process (Get Ready, Craft, Revising, Editing, Sharing)
  • Structure your narrative through your plan
  • Begins with orientation (setting and main character)
  • Paint a picture with words (descriptive words and actions)
  • Paragraphs (Orientation / Events x3 / Resolution - Ending)
  • My writing goal: to put lots of punctuation in my writing.
Lost in the city.
Hi my name is Balina and I am a very nice girl. I live my life protecting me and my family from my irritating brother Jorgen. She will also go shopping for us and act like she is our buttler.

Anyway I was in my lab building my latest creation “I will call her Wolf-a-lishous and she will protect me and my family from Jorgen. I also made a thing that will help my family find me and my latest creation. “Balina, Jorgen it’s time for dinner” called my mother "coming“ Jorgan and I say from our own rooms. **SLAP SLAP SLAP** goes the noise from Jorgen and I slapping and yelling at each other. Also while we sprint down the stairs. After dinner I Went to get the shopping list and  go out to get all the stuff on the list. After I finished the shopping list I decided to have some fun and go through the corn maze then after a while I got lost.

Suddenly Wolf-a-lishous turns on and finds out where I am. Then she comes and finds me. Then Jorgen sprints out of the corn and grabs hold of me tight and puts a knife just touching my neck. Suddenly Wolf-a-lishous turns into attack mode and attacks him. When Jorgen has been defeated I took Wolf-a-lishous to a cell phone station I called 911 for the police. Then I told them that Jorgen my brother tried to kill me and Wolf-a-lishous so he could be the only killed again and the police came right away. Then I told her which one was Jorgen and then they took him away all the way to anti-fairy world (which is a jail). Then they put him into jail for eternity.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Maths Blog Post.

I am blogging this because I want to show you what I am learning in my maths group.

My Maths Blog.
% = divided by
Here is my maths that I have been learning in my hub. I have been learning my divided by's.

I am trying hard to learn them off by heart!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Art blog post: 10.04.16

I am blogging this because I really want to get to funday Monday and I want to show you what I looks like.

Art Blog Post.

This is my art and I have work on it for a long time. As soon as I started my painting, a crane came to our school and I was too concentrated on my art that the crane was ignored.

I have been learning to notice proportions, and paint very carefully, including blending.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wellington trip: 18/08/16

I am blogging this because I would like to tell you about my birthday.

Just before my birthday my mum told me that my auntie Narna got me a ticket to go to Wellington (which is where she lives).

Here is the list of things I did there with her:

On Friday

  1. have dinner (Burger King)
On Saturday

  1. have breakfast (Pancakes)
  2. Mini Golf
  3. Ice Cream
On Sunday
  1. Wellington Zoo
  2. Crocodile Bikes (I got to drive it)
  3. fell in the sea (did not know) 
Flying Home

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Calendar art.

Calendar Art.

Hi everyone I'm Eva and welcome back to my blog. Here we have today is that I am trying to sell this calendar art.

Ladies and Gentlemen step up one and all. Come down to Parkvale School and by my calendar art.
Call: the owner of this art-8769598 and then we will call the school for you. Or if you have the schools number call the school.
Here are the results of how much they are.
By 1 get 3 free

  • Calendars are $10.00 each.

  • Card (pack of 8) are $12.00 each

  • Notepads are $12.00 each

  • Diaries are $15.00 each

  1. Calendars: High quality laminated A4 print of your Child's own Artwork, wire bound to a 12-month tear off calendar. Includes public holidays & school terms.
  2. Cards: Each pack of 8 cards features your child's own artwork, with artist's name and age printed on the reverse of art cards. Packs come shrink-wrapped with quality red envelopes.
  3. Diaries: Hard cover A5 sized (148 x 210mm) Diary with a strong spiral wire bind featuring your child's own artwork on the inside cover of art diaries. Includes week view and year planner.
  4. Notepads: Features your child's own artwork on the card cover. 180mm x 180mm spiral-bound pad lined one side and blank on the other. Supportive card back with protective plastic sheet.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Olympics:Valerie Adams.

I am blogging this because we are learning about the Olympics and I am learning lots of things about Valerie Adams / Vili.

                          Valerie Adams/facts.

  1. Born: Valerie was born in  Rotorua 1984, She was also born on October 6.
  2. Family:siblings are Steven Adams and Warren Adams. her perents are Lilika Ngauamo and Sid Adams.
  3. Height: 1.93 m
  4. Spouse: Bertrand Villi (m. 2004-2010)
  5. Olympic medals: Athletics at the 
  6. 2012 Summer Olympics - Women's shot put 
  7. and more.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Robotics group. Carr Group


I am blogging this because I thought that I could share some things about my robotics.
On the first day of robotics I was in a group with Holly and now I am in a group with Bella-Marie for the rest of robotics.
Here are some photos and links to there blogs...



here is a video of robotics...

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

holiday blog post - The BFG

The B.F.G

I am blogging this because I would like to shear with you 1 thing that I did in the holidays...

3 reasons why the giant has to hide you and tack you???

  1.  because then you will tell everyone to run and hide.(to take you)
  2. because the other bone crunching, flesh eating giant's that will gobble you whole. (to hide you)
  3. there are child gobbling giant out on The B.F.G's front lawn. (to hide you)

here some facts about the people that I know...
The B.F.G.
The B.F.G is a giant creature and he roams around the streets tacking kids that see him. The B.F.G's full name is The Big Friendly Giant and when the kids see the B.F.G he has to tack them because then they will tell everyone else to run and hide.

Sophie is the child that B.F.G kidnapped and even if she wen't and told people what to do nobody would listen. If people don't listen to her she would say that she would call the coppers (cops) and  when she gets kidnapped she was discovered by the man eating giant's so they fled out to find Sophie.

Queen Elizabeth.
Queen Elizabeth is the Queen in The B.F.G movie and when she drank the whizzpoper she did a really huge fart that nearly lifted the whole table up in the air.

In the holidays my mum took my sister, my friend Sharnika, my cousin Ashlee and me to the movies. We also wen't with another family and we wen't  to watch The B.F.G it was really awesome and scary(a little bit) at the end it was so awesome and funny.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My learning blog post 2016 / Self-Reflection.

I am blogging this because I think that you should hear about my awesome life in Rimu Hub.

Self-Reflection questions for reports

Please answer 6 of these questions in as much detail as possible. Be careful of your writing as this will go on your report. Delete the other questions.

  1. What is your favorite thing about being in Rimu hub? My favorite thing about being in Rimu is doing art as a group.
  2. What are you most proud of in Rimu hub this year? I am proud of all our learning tasks and our tracking sheets.
  3. What learning muscle have you been focused on this year? I have been working on my managing distractions muscle and so far it has been going so great. :D
  4. What was your favorite learning task so far and why? I think that my
          self - reflection is my favorite learning task because I can share what I learnt.
  1. What do you do when something is challenging or tricky? I found my quick ten really tricky because it gets really tricky when it gets to subtraction.
  2. What is you your favorite learning space and why? My favorite learning space would be all the trusted space’s and the quiet room. The trusted space because you get to choose who gets to go in there and the quiet room because then you get lots of work done and your not allowed to talk in their.

hope you enjoyed learning some things about me in Rimu hub

Sunday, June 26, 2016

passion project blog post

Hi my name is Eva and I am blogging this for my passion project. I will show you my passion project right now and hope you enjoy it... Did you enjoy it? Tell me in the comments bellow..... :) :D

Here is my reflection:

Describe your passion project. What was your learning in it? What were you trying to produce?
I am trying to make a slideshow and my passion project is  and my learning is to learn how to look after a rabbit at home.

How far did not not you get with your passion project? What would have helped you to get further? I got to finishing my passion project and my managing distractions is the key to getting done, sitting by my buddy and listening to my teacher.

What was the most challenging part of your passion project? My challenging part about my passion project is nothing it was all really easy.

What was surprising about your passion project? Getting it done really fast and it’s like bam done.

Did you follow your plan well? Why or why not? I did follow my plan well.

Which learning muscles did you use the most while you were working on your passion project? How did you use each one?The learning muscle that I use most while doing my passion project is the managing distractions muscle. I use each on properly and quietly

Which learning muscles did you find difficult to stretch during passion project time?
The learning muscle that is Distilling

Include a picture/embedded link to your passion project cute rabbits (Eva.N)

If you were allowed to pick a new passion project, what would you choose and why? If we got to pick a new passion project it would be netball skills

What was your favourite part of passion projects? My favourite part of passion project is when we do our passion project diary.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

My reading task.

I am blogging this because I really wan't to show you how my reading is going on.

Giraffes week 5 task:

Read the rest of the story to yourself.

  1. Write down what you think the main idea is in the last paragraph on page 32.
  • Everyone had boring old cats, dogs and guinea pigs.
  • Mr taufa said that her pet was unusual.
  • She felt better about bringing a amoeba.
  • She got an aword - for having the smallest pet.

  1. Write a letter to Mr. G explaining why you think that we should have a pet day here at Parkvale.

Your letter must include…

  • What pet you would bring if you had a pet day.
  • 2 good reasons Parkvale should have a pet day.

Pet day
Dear Mr G…

I think we should have pet day because everyone would be able to see what our pets look like and you will be able to learn more about them. I think we should have pet day because then you can see what all our lives are like with them and I think we should have pet day because then we can communicate with other people's pets. I think we should have pet day because then our pets can make more friends with each other and we all should have pet day because then you can also see how cute they are. I really think that we should have pet day because then if we bring a dog you can see what tricks they can do and you can see what they do around things. I really think that if we have pet day we might not be allowed to bring what you want to bring but it can still be so amazing to you no matter what the others say and I really think that we should have pet day so then we can see what the other people have as pets. If we have pet day I would love to bring my kitten Benji.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

my 2 learning blog post.

My Happy poem.

It's better than school on a hot sunny day, better than chicken, hot fries, hot summer days, cold rainy days, swimming in a hot pool, playing the monopoly board game, sitting on the couch with my mum and dad.

It’s better than lollies, better than ice cream, salt, netball, music, dancing, discos at school, light and buttery popcorn, playin with my old friends at school.

It’s better than better than minecraft, better than Xbox’s, sitting on the couch in the lounge with the heater on, watching a movie in my room, movie star cards from countdown.

It’s better than birthdays in Wellington, better than cake, family, animals, bouncy castles, maths time, Writing old school writing, art in the lounge.

I made some new friends at school.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

my biopoem

Caring, helpful, responsible
Sister of Piper, Cooper, Jazzmin
Daughter of Sarah, Daniel
Lover of netball, school, McDonalds
Who fears darkness, mean animals, maths
Who needs pets, my family, school.
Who wishes for more time at day time, go to bed at 10:00 pm, $100000000000000000000000000.
Who would like to see Paris
Who gives money to the SPCA, who helps people when they get sad, who make people smile
Citizen of Hastings, New Zealand

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tree Diagram

  1. I am blogging this because I thought that you would like to know how it is going on with my maths.

My Maths task.the real maths task. by Mya wan.JPG

This is my maths task that I had to do. I needed to have help with it by Mya Wanden but she only told me how to do some of it then I did the rest and I did all of the drawing.

Monday, March 21, 2016

blog post 3: My favourite game

My favourite game.
This is DanTDM which is the man with the goggles. The villager is Dr Trayaurus and he is supper exited to meet everyone that goes on his YouTube videos and he is saying ''hello'' to you and this cute little dog made of bones is Grim and he loves to go for walks and do experiments with them both.

Here are some more photos...

This is dan tdm when he was a baby.

This is Grim when he had skin and in his bed with his dog bowl.

This is Trayaurus when he was a baby.He dose look grown up but he is not he is just zoomed up on him.

Here they all are as a baby and still grim is a pile of bone's.

Thank you for reading my blog and hope you comment as well. :)

Friday, March 11, 2016

Camp 2016

My camp reflection

Camp Reflection Task

Choose at least 4 questions to answer.

What was your favorite part of camp and why?
My favorite part of camp would be the river walk because Amie and me got to share a tube and Brayden had his own little tube. We played a game as well and Amie and me were sisters and Brayden was our brother and James Taylor was our dad. Also my favorite part in the river was the rapids as well and floating in the river for two hours.

Explain your personal feelings about camp?
My feelings are happy, excited and sad. I was exited because we got to go on tube down the river to camp Omatua, I was happy that I had my best friends by my side and I was sad because I had to sleep with boys.

Explain your car ride?
My car ride was great and it was great because Mrs Carr took me and she gave us four lollies each and I shared with Mrs Carr.

Which activity did you like the most and why?
I liked duck duck goose and hide ‘n’ go seek. I liked duck duck goose because I had not played it in a long time and I liked it because my favorite teacher was their and her name was Mrs love. I liked hide 'n' go seek because we played it in the bamboo forest and it was crazy and fun.

a.k.a I wearing Mya Wandens shorts

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

First Blog Post 2016

                                  Eva Nukunuku

                            My Auntie Dena's Wedding

I am blogging this because I thought that it would be a great and awesome blog post to choose and awesome and fun to read.

Hi my name is Eva and I am 9 years old. I have had so much fun at the wedding. When we were walking down the aisle, Piper and I got to walk next to our mum called Sarah. We even got to stand next to mum while the reader is reading the story for ages and it was for my aunties wedding their names are aunties Dena and uncle Marcel. It was so awesome and sore as in ouch on my legs. I also went around to every table. It was so fun until I spilt my coke on my pink dress and it was embarassing.  Then everyone had to have a photo together and I just sat there and was angry on a chair just because I spilt coke. Then it dried and then we had the cake and it was so delicious and tasty and I did not remember the coke spill. At the end of the day we had a dance party.

This year has been fantastic and it is fun to be back with my friends and my favorite teachers. Thanks for reading my first blog post.

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