Monday, September 7, 2015

week 2: Jeff Thomson

this is Jeff Thomson a person who makes sculptor's 

2nd week 3: my new puppy's

i am blogging this because...they are just so cute and so good when we take them for a walk down my road exept when they see and hear a dog.

my new puppy's.

One shivering and storming night we were watching telly in the lounge then I reminded mum to see the puppy that we were going to get but then dad liked her the most it because he was a barker. she was a non barker. " its a wast of petrill if we get them another day so rather get them today " said my mummy. So we got them both instead of getting just the boy. 

this is Bruno

he had a blue coller and it had puppy paws on it aswel. 

this is Bella

she had a black coller with pink paws on it aswel. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

week 2: My Art

this is my art that I am doing

(1) pink, green, yellow, dark blue, black, red, purple and light blue felts
(2) a normal pencil.
(3) a rubber in case you make a mistake.
(4) a piece of paper

Before any steps grab all your tools including the paper

Step One: put the paper in front of you.

Step Two: use the pencil and draw lots of swirls. (if you do a mistake use the rubber)

Step Three: you drawed the swirls grab the pink and go over some of the swirls.

Step Four: once you drawed the pink swirls do some green swirls.

Step Five: once you do the green do some yellow swirls.

Step Six:once you do the yellow swirls do some dark blue swirls

step seven: once you do the dark blue swirls do some black swirls.

step eight: once you do the black swirls do some red swirls.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

week 2: Disney on ice.

On Friday I was away because I was going to wellington. My mom got some tickets so we can go to Disney on ice. Disney on ice was amazing there were so many things to buy and so many Disney people to see there. My favorite one's that we saw are mostly all of the princess at Disney on ice but most of all I liked Cinderella because her tail was funny in real life. At Dear to dream at the beginning I saw a castle behind a wall shaped like a cloud.