Friday, March 13, 2015

week 6: after school jobs


My dads rugbey time is after school when dad gets home from work.

1. have a shower 

2. get out of the shower 

3. get changed into some worm cloths

4. put my bike in the van

5. off we go to rugbey

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

week 5: Waimarama Beach

waimarama beach

I'm going to have a grait time.

The hot sand amongst my feet.

Making my feet all soft and warm.

The water is so cold.

Oh no I niped on my toe.

I'm scared of the water now.

would take my money tablet to waimarama beach.

Then I can take a pic of all the things I like at waimarama beach.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

week 4: at home pta party. 6 people each

We are having a pta party at home, and we are going to put up a bouncy water castle, just like my uncle scoty don't forget to bring your togs, so we can go on the water castle because ,if you don't then it will be so boring without your togs, it will be so fast when you go down . you might stop when you are in the middle of it or you might go all the way to the end at , the end there is a pool of water. wile you go down it skworts you with water . The only 6 people that I chose are Monica , Tyla , jenny-lee , sharnika , Isaiah and Deegan