Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camp Kaitawa 2017

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I am blogging this because... I really liked the camp went to.
Today I am going to tell you about what I did at camp Kaitawa, at camp we had a quizand my team came lastbut our team knew a question that no other team knew and the question was - what is the name of the person (not the baby, not Michael Noonan) the other person.  His name was Charlie McChin. when we saw Michell Noonan, we also saw the boot but not the bell.
(The stream is bigger in real life, not in the photo)

On Monday we went kayaking and my knee started bleeding, and I don't know how it happened.
We also had to run across the kayaks and jump into the water. One of our parents found a gold fish in the water.
At night we wen't hiking up the mountain to look at some glow worms

On Tuesday we went through the confidence course, at first we had to do it two at a time, then we had to hold a long rope and get through the course without letting go of the rope.

On Wednesday we did master chef and during the day we went to see Michael Noonan, after we went to see his grave we went to a stream, we had to jump over (we had a lot of fun jumping over the stream).  Before we went to the stream we went through a giant lake that had so much grass that it  grew in the water

On Thursday the parents gave us a challenge,  they had to give us a spoon with something good or something yuck on it and sometimes both. We also went caving.
I can't remember what we did but I know that I was the person to bring the cup (bringing the glass cup) Mya was the waitress and she brought the fake wine to Kelly for her birthday.  Nathan and Jayden were the statues for Kelly, also when we had dessert we had to not say a thing. Ruby's face went bright red because she was laughing so much, Cruze and I did not know why they were laughing. Georgia left the room and was eating her dessert in the bedroom.💗😄

Here is me mixing the mince together with my hands and using my absorption muscle on Wednesday during Master chef.
Our judges were Kelly whose birthday was on Friday and Bevan the judge meany.  In this one my team (pink) got the highest score 5 from Kelly and 5 from Bevan.

Here is me cooking a pancake for master chef and my team got the lowest score 2.5 from Kelly and a 2 from Bevan for our pancakes.

Here we are waiting in the dining room so we can go to the Mohaka bridge for lunch on our way back to school.

Monday, November 21, 2016

P.E Blog post

I am blogging this because I really want to get to Funday Monday...
What is Funday Monday you say? Well it is a thing which is when you get all the things on the tracking sheet green, You get to do things like go into the hall and watch a movie, stay inside and watch a movie or you might get to go on a treasure hunt around the school.

My P.E Blog.
ANYWAY... Hi I am Eva and I am really exited to be blogging this. Today I will be telling you about  what I do for p.e at my school.

Well at my school sometimes we have three groups of kids and since we have three teachers, we have three which are running with Mrs Love, Jumping with Mr Moriarty and Throwing with Mrs Carr or we might have a game(if we are good).

Here are the photos of me doing P.E skills:

here is me catching a ball

here is me running.

here is me jumping.

here is me throwing.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Literacy blog post

This is my writing and I am proud of it because I spent lots of time on this.

WALT develop a story to entertain the reader- Eva
Text form: Narrative

Success Criteria
  • Use the Writing Process (Get Ready, Craft, Revising, Editing, Sharing)
  • Structure your narrative through your plan
  • Begins with orientation (setting and main character)
  • Paint a picture with words (descriptive words and actions)
  • Paragraphs (Orientation / Events x3 / Resolution - Ending)
  • My writing goal: to put lots of punctuation in my writing.
Lost in the city.
Hi my name is Balina and I am a very nice girl. I live my life protecting me and my family from my irritating brother Jorgen. She will also go shopping for us and act like she is our buttler.

Anyway I was in my lab building my latest creation “I will call her Wolf-a-lishous and she will protect me and my family from Jorgen. I also made a thing that will help my family find me and my latest creation. “Balina, Jorgen it’s time for dinner” called my mother "coming“ Jorgan and I say from our own rooms. **SLAP SLAP SLAP** goes the noise from Jorgen and I slapping and yelling at each other. Also while we sprint down the stairs. After dinner I Went to get the shopping list and  go out to get all the stuff on the list. After I finished the shopping list I decided to have some fun and go through the corn maze then after a while I got lost.

Suddenly Wolf-a-lishous turns on and finds out where I am. Then she comes and finds me. Then Jorgen sprints out of the corn and grabs hold of me tight and puts a knife just touching my neck. Suddenly Wolf-a-lishous turns into attack mode and attacks him. When Jorgen has been defeated I took Wolf-a-lishous to a cell phone station I called 911 for the police. Then I told them that Jorgen my brother tried to kill me and Wolf-a-lishous so he could be the only killed again and the police came right away. Then I told her which one was Jorgen and then they took him away all the way to anti-fairy world (which is a jail). Then they put him into jail for eternity.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Maths Blog Post.

I am blogging this because I want to show you what I am learning in my maths group.

My Maths Blog.
% = divided by
Here is my maths that I have been learning in my hub. I have been learning my divided by's.

I am trying hard to learn them off by heart!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Art blog post: 10.04.16

I am blogging this because I really want to get to funday Monday and I want to show you what I looks like.

Art Blog Post.

This is my art and I have work on it for a long time. As soon as I started my painting, a crane came to our school and I was too concentrated on my art that the crane was ignored.

I have been learning to notice proportions, and paint very carefully, including blending.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wellington trip: 18/08/16

I am blogging this because I would like to tell you about my birthday.

Just before my birthday my mum told me that my auntie Narna got me a ticket to go to Wellington (which is where she lives).

Here is the list of things I did there with her:

On Friday

  1. have dinner (Burger King)
On Saturday

  1. have breakfast (Pancakes)
  2. Mini Golf
  3. Ice Cream
On Sunday
  1. Wellington Zoo
  2. Crocodile Bikes (I got to drive it)
  3. fell in the sea (did not know) 
Flying Home

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Calendar art.

Calendar Art.

Hi everyone I'm Eva and welcome back to my blog. Here we have today is that I am trying to sell this calendar art.

Ladies and Gentlemen step up one and all. Come down to Parkvale School and by my calendar art.
Call: the owner of this art-8769598 and then we will call the school for you. Or if you have the schools number call the school.
Here are the results of how much they are.
By 1 get 3 free

  • Calendars are $10.00 each.

  • Card (pack of 8) are $12.00 each

  • Notepads are $12.00 each

  • Diaries are $15.00 each

  1. Calendars: High quality laminated A4 print of your Child's own Artwork, wire bound to a 12-month tear off calendar. Includes public holidays & school terms.
  2. Cards: Each pack of 8 cards features your child's own artwork, with artist's name and age printed on the reverse of art cards. Packs come shrink-wrapped with quality red envelopes.
  3. Diaries: Hard cover A5 sized (148 x 210mm) Diary with a strong spiral wire bind featuring your child's own artwork on the inside cover of art diaries. Includes week view and year planner.
  4. Notepads: Features your child's own artwork on the card cover. 180mm x 180mm spiral-bound pad lined one side and blank on the other. Supportive card back with protective plastic sheet.